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Reviewing the development and use of stainless steel on Xiaomi 9 camera - Goldecosteel.com

09 2019.03

Recently, Xiaomi 9 was released. One of them mentioned that the camera part is wrapped in stainless steel, which increases the protection around the camera. Why do you use stainless steel to do it? As a long experience in stainless steel, Xiaobian's development from the application of stainless steel takes you to understand why stainless steel is used instead of others.

With the rapid development of light industry and heavy industry, the supplies, materials and technology that are convenient for us are constantly being born, and many new materials are gradually being used by us. The birth and wide application of stainless steel materials is an important milestone in the economic and industrial development of a country. In our daily life, stainless steel materials can be seen everywhere, but in more invisible products and industrial production, stainless steel materials are also play an important role.


Stainless steel sheet material is often used in construction projects. because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, products made of stainless steel can maintain the integrity of the sample for a long time. Stainless steel containing metal chromium has better ductility, which is beneficial to the processing and production of the product, and can meet the needs of designers.


Here following is the regular size of stainless steel sheet, and can be cut to length.


Applications: Stainless steel coil materials are widely used in home appliances, tableware, light industry, electronic products, energy, chemicals, hardware, heavy industry manufacturing, such as: household sinks, stainless steel valves, medical products.

The inventor of stainless steel was the famous British metallurgist Henry Brellley in the early 20th century and was known as the "father of stainless steel." The birth of stainless steel not only promotes the industrial level of industry, but its application and development have greatly improved the quality of our lives. The latest development of antibacterial stainless steel materials has great advantages in the manufacture of stainless steel products such as tableware. We believe that the development of stainless steel materials will also advance with the research of technology. In the near future, we will welcome more new stainless steel materials with more functions and more properties.