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Online inquiry

Dear, we noticed you have selected the products that you are looking for, we would like to take this time to thank you for your interests and ask you a few questions to help u sbetter in serving you, here are the points we would like to know:

1: Grade:________________ (Which grade is preferred?)
2: Size:_________________ (Regular size: 4x8 feet, irregular size please let us know)
3: Thickness:________________ ( Thickness for cold rolled, normally, ranges from 0.3-3.0mm)
4: Surface Finish: ___________________ ( There are lots of surface finishes, you got to tell me in details)
5: Quantity:___________________ (This matters a lot, it will affect the cost, please be specific)
6: Port of destination:__________________ ( If you want to get CNF or CIF price, the destinaton port is required.)
7: Currency:__________________ ( We like USD, but we like RMB more. :)
8:Production time: ___________________ ( It will tell us how much time you will give us for the order.)

We strive to ensure every customer's satisfaction, and your feedback is very important a complete quotation, please fill out the form below with above information, if you have special requrests, just let us know, we will contact you shortly!

Any other feedback or comments are greatly appreciated too, we thank you again for your time in staying with us, and looking forward to be of assistance to your business, thank you!


Decorative Rose Gold Stainless Steel Tile Trims

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