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Stainless Steel Honeycomb Panel

Goldeco stainless steel is a top-ranked trustable, and reliable cold-rolled stainless steel honeycomb panel supplier, manufacturer, and exporter in Foshan China.

The aluminum honeycomb core creates an extremely strong but lightweight panel, which is adhesively-bonded between stainless steel sheets.

Key features of stainless steel honeycomb panel:

   - Various grades and surface finishes available,

   - Excellent moisture resistance

   - Good corrosion resistance

   - Fantastic flame resistance 

   - Noisy resistance, sound-absorbing

Due to the features it has, it has been used widely used as structural decorative panels, elevator cabins, Interior and exterior cladding,  joiner panels, bulkheads, train doors, floors, and vessel cabinet in any areas where the honeycomb is subjected to critical environments.

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