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25 2020.04

Dear Valued Customers,

We noticed that recently some people they claimed themself online as sales staff or sales manager of Goldeco, in view it may bring possible risks of our customers and our company, we hereby state that:

1. We Goldeco dont have any overseas sales office or staff doing sales or marketing, all work we do are based in China

2. We have our official website: www.goldecosteel.com, it is the only website we use for marketing and product displaying.

3. Our official email must comes with suffix as @goldecosteel.com, this is very important, you need to check the incoming id before you do further communications.

4. We would be greatly appreciated your kindly email inform at info@goldecosteel.com  when you notice someone they are doing illegal activities in the name of our company.

We seriously warm those people, your behaviour has infringed our interests and reputations, we have kept the relevant evidence and ask you to remove it online, we reserve the right to lawsuit you and claim the loss thus caused.

Now the pandemic COVID-19 indeed affect the world economy, we do hope people can do something to against virus and defense our lives, rather than do something that may caused no unnecessary troubles.


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