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Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Goldeco stainless steel is specialized in producing and supplying high quality patterned embossed stainless steel sheets and coils for architectural and decorative purpose, and we stand for embossed stainless steel sheet supplier, embossed stainless steel sheet manufacturer, embossed stainless steel sheet exporter in Foshan China.

The products are available on a wide range of patterns, such as leather, wood, linen, icy bamboo, square, diamond, cubic, wooden core, oval, etc., the patterns are transferred continuously onto the sheet surface by rolling press, highlighting the beauty of the concave-convex alternation and contrast out and creating a sophisticated three-dimensional effect, in the meantime, increased strength of the sheet.

Take a look over the products shown below, sheets of original steel colors, they are not just for high traffic areas such as lift doors, lining panels and kitchen table counter as well as other building contact areas such as wall panels, column cladding, supermarket check-out desks, etc. And you may see some of them are colored, yes, you are right, except steel colors, we can make it looks better for decoration purpose, the colored embossed stainless steel sheets enrich the product usage scope, decorate your homes, hotels project in a better way, offer designers a unique material with which to work.

Do you want to know how much does a 4x8 sheet of embossed stainless steel cost? Do you want to know where you can get the best price and buy the quality embossed stainless steel sheet?  Contact us, we are ready to provide you our quality products, fast delivery service, and sheet metal fabrication service. Send us your detailed inquiry to us, our professional staff will get back to you with our best solution and costs.

We work to build long-term and reliable cooperation with our customers.

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