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Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Goldeco stainless steel is specialized in producing and supplying high quality patterned stainless steel sheetstextured stainless steel sheets,  embossed stainless steel sheets and coils for architectural and decorative purpose, and we stand for embossed stainless steel sheet supplier, embossed stainless steel sheet manufacturer, embossed stainless steel sheet exporter in Foshan China.

The embossed stainless steel is widely used in building designs, constructions, and creation of artworks, furniture, and food machine face panels, as well as in the motor industry, it is getting much more popular, just because it is not flat and plain, and it can bring function, patterning, and decoration to the products and projects. It elevates the quality and appearance where it is used. That is why Goldeco Steel embossed stainless steel attracts more people to love and use it.

We take great responsibility for manufacturing with the highest standards, using high-quality materials, no matter grade 430, 201, 304, or 316L, all raw material meets the relevant industry standards. This means that the final product can be relied upon completely.

The embossed stainless steel sheets from us are produced by using a highly effective and eco-friendly physical cold rolling process, the patterns are transferred continuously onto the sheets and coils. The depth of the embossing varies, it depends on the depth of the stainless steel sheet used. The final product enjoys great-looking of patterns, strength, and durability, which is expected from a high-quality stainless steel product. are available in a wide range of patterns, such as leather, wood, linen, icy bamboo, square, diamond, cubic, wooden core, oval, etc.,  The concave-convex alternation highlights contrast out and creating a sophisticated three-dimensional effect and increased strength. And color can also be added to the embossed stainless steel sheet, bringing a more extra element of style.

Key features of embossed stainless steel sheet:

 - Excellent anti scratch abilities

 - Unique 3D visual effect

 - Good touch effect

 - Durable

 - Wear resistant

 - Ecofriendly and recyclable

 - Corrosion resistant

Do you want to know how much does a 4x8 sheet of embossed stainless steel cost? Do you want to know where you can get the best price and buy the quality embossed stainless steel sheet?  Contact us, we are ready to provide you our quality products, fast delivery service, and sheet metal fabrication service. Send us your detailed inquiry to us, our professional staff will get back to you with our best solution and costs.

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