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Anti-dumping tax on the stainless steel from Indonesia will be set into action ?

27 2019.02

In 2018, China's stainless steel wide-width coils were mainly imported from Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. Among them, the volume of coils imported from Indonesia was about 621,000 tons, an increase of 408,000 tons or 191.5% year-on-year; 17.8 million tons, a decrease of 12,000 tons, a decrease of 6.1%; the volume of coils imported from Japan was about 124,000 tons, a decrease of 230 tons, a decrease of 0.2%.


But this situation will change in 2019? 

Recently, China’s anti-dumping against Indonesia and other places will resurface. China's anti-dumping of stainless steel against Indonesia, South Korea and other places began in September 2018 in the Ministry of Commerce, and entered the investigation phase in November. It has been rumored that the investigation has been started, and China will impose limited import methods on Indonesia and South Korea. 

However, from the import data in recent months, the stainless steel imported from Indonesia in recent months is basically 50,000 tons/month, which is significantly lower than the previous peak period of more than 100,000/month, lowered around 50%, but in view of the current domestic demand, this won't affect the market much.

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