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Nickel weakness does not change or test 12000 points

05 2018.09

Overal trend: Today, the nickel shocked weaker. After the opening of the trading session, it oscillated around 12490 in the morning. However, it fluctuated in the afternoon and hit a low of 12360 points. After that, it quickly rebounded. It currently runs around 12400 and falls by 90 dollars. The Shanghai nickel 1811 contract fell 2.08% today, closing at 102,330 yuan / ton, holding 35,1998 positions, a decrease of 2,646 hands compared with the previous trading day.

Remarks: Today's spot nickel price in Shanghai: 102700-108000 yuan / ton, down 1700 yuan / ton, Jinchuan nickel spot than Wuxi 1809 contract 5500 yuan / ton, compared with Shanghai nickel main force 1811 contract 5710 yuan / ton, Russian nickel spot Compared with Wuxi 1809 contract, the price is 100 yuan/ton, which is 410 yuan/ton higher than the Shanghai nickel main force 1811 contract.

News: The United States will resume intense trade talks with Canada, and the two sides may revise the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Summary: From a technical point of view, the current nickel is still in a downward trend, the probability of further weakening in the short term is large, and the possibility of 12,000 temptations is not ruled out.

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