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Qingshan new 304D stainless steel enters the market

03 2018.09

According to Foshan market news, the newly developed 304D stainless steel of Qingshan has recently entered the Foshan market. Some hot-rolled trial products are directly sold by Foshan traders. Some of the hot-rolled products are sold in the form of cold-rolled products after Hongwang cold rolling.

Composition Chart of 304D:




From the chemical point of view, its cost and performance are higher than 201 stainless steel (increasing Cr, Ni, Cu content, reducing Mn content), but lower than 304 stainless steel (Ni content is not up to 8%).

From the perspective of product substitution, its development prospects are good. According to the current raw material cost, the cost is less than 304, around 3,500 yuan / ton, for the quality requirements are not high, price-sensitive customers are a good choice. The addition of Cr, Ni, and Cu contents will make it better than 201 stainless steel. It is also a good choice for some 201 stainless steel customers who want better stainless steel.

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