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2022, Sharp Price Rise In The beginning Week

14 2022.02

Foshan market news on February 14, 2022, someone in the steel business said that stainless steel is not a simple red envelope market, but an "emotional market". How much the price rises is not an analysis problem, not a simple fundamental problem, but an emotional problem.

200 yuan rise in the morning and 200 yuan rise in the afternoon, and hot-rolled is more expensive than cold-rolled, and all kinds of messy news are flying around. As for the so-called news, a lot of them cannot stand scrutiny. It is nothing more than a release of water, the need for capital speculation, and there are more reasons to increase the price. Back to turn, in my opinion, also at any time.

Market analysts said.

It is understood that Foshan Delong 304 cold rolled rose 100 yuan / ton to 18850 yuan / ton in the morning, and the market price continued to rise by 100 yuan / ton to 18950 yuan / ton (Wuxi Delong 18800 yuan / ton). At this time, the spot price in the market is basically around the price of the steel mill.

In the Foshan market, it can be seen that the higher price quoted by Qingshan agents is 18,950-20,350 yuan/ton for Hongwang, 20,000-20,500 yuan/ton for Yongjin.

The coil shipment is not bad, and the overall atmosphere is better now. But it's hard to say what the real demand is. To really test how the demand is, if the market is normal, it will be after the Lantern Festival.

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