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Advantages of stainless steel in construction and decoration.

25 2021.08

Compared with other materials, stainless steel lines have the advantages of corrosion resistance, waterproofing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no fading, no fading, durability, long service life, good metal texture, and high-end home decoration effects. , Is the mainstream product of line decoration design in the current price segment. Especially in high-end places such as hotels, model rooms, sales offices, clubs, etc., stainless steel decoration has been widely recognized and used.

Stainless steel lines are generally suitable for the high decoration design of large shopping malls, commercial buildings, shopping malls, shops, high clubs, KTV, business KTV, large and medium-sized hotel restaurants, high wooden floor decoration designs such as rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and large living rooms. Movement, connection, convergence, and other decoration design the realm of life.

Stainless steel decoration mainly uses mirror lines, various closings, decorative strips, curtain boxes, door decorations, TV walls, sofa backgrounds, indoor stairs, ceilings, foot lines and other stainless steel decoration materials. The appearance design has tablet lines and semicircles. Shape line, cut-out corner drag line, plain corner drag line, drag line corner, etc. Make the furniture and the wall seamless connection; highlight the design style and appearance of the furniture, and improve its decorative art.

Generally used stainless steel wire drawing or mirror colorful stainless steel plate production and processing, through technical professional cutting, grooving, edge pressing, grinding and polishing, electric welding welding and other processes, made into various stainless steel decorative design lines, the product structure is reliable , Durable, not easy to pick up dirt, not easy to rust, easy to clean, it is a one-time capital investment.

1. The stainless steel decorative design strip has the gloss and layering of metal materials.

2. The stainless steel decorative design lines are not easy to rust, which can maintain the actual effect of the original decorative design for a long time.

3. Because stainless steel has the actual effect of mirror glass after being polished, it is more brilliant and luxurious, especially according to the reflective surface effect of stainless steel mirror glass, it can contrast with the various colors and scenery in the surrounding environment. The actual effect.

4. Use it to have a strong ability to reflect light, and under the coordination of the lighting effects, it can also produce a part of the crystal clear and bright trim, which is conducive to the production of interesting management centers and attention points in the indoor environment.

5. The stainless steel decorative design lines are compared with the aluminum alloy profile decorative parts, which have higher compressive strength and strength, and are not easy to deform during the whole process of engineering construction and application.

The stainless steel decorative design strip has a very good auxiliary effect.

In order to better meet the large number of humanized requirements of everyone, the color tone of the metal decoration design is also relatively large, which is conducive to matching with indoor spaces of different colors.

The decorative design strips for the interior space of the bedroom, the light gray wall and dark brown decorative design strips, the visual effect is very prominent.

Sofa backgrounds decorated with stainless steel decorative strips often use decorative design strips and integrated control panels to produce more fashionable and trendy visual effects.

Stainless steel decorative strips can also be pieced together according to the various shapes you want to produce a more humane decorative design effect.

The stainless steel decorative design strip is immediately placed into the wall, and the golden and dark gray visual effects look exceptionally good. Even if the interior decoration has not been carried out, the overall decoration design effect may be very noticeable.

In terms of spatial modeling, simple stainless steel straight lines are used to express the simplicity and elegance of Chinese style. In terms of color, soft neutral colors can give people a sense of elegance, warmth, nature and refinement. In terms of materials, the use of stainless steel decorative walls perfectly blends traditional charm and modern comfort. This is a high-quality lifestyle.

At the same time, the stainless steel screen divides the space of the tea room, and the obvious partitions show the huge space. The suspended ceiling is bordered by metal lines and matched with the golden theme, recreating elegance.

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