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Yes! We're Back From our New Year Holiday!

22 2020.02

Yes! We're Back From our New Year Holiday!

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The 2020 Chinese New Year Holiday was a very special holiday in China history.

We had a long, impressive and meaningful holiday as this holiday we suffered an epidemic pneumonia across the country, we didn't go out, we didn't visit friends and relatives, we didn't go to streets, we didn't travel around, we all stayed at home as the government instructions, except the people was in sick and the medical teams, volunteer workers, police officers, they were fighting against the novel coronavirus.

Till now, with the huge effort and support from the government, the disease has been controlled, the goverment allow the commercial entities back to work.

We appreciate your kindly support in 2019, and we look forward to your kindly support in 2020 too.

Thank you

Goldeco Team