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Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel
  • Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel
  • Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel

Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel

    Decorative stainless steel U channel colored green is a polished mirror finish with advanced titanium coating profile, which is commonly seen on home and interior decoration, it has a thin layer of protective film on one side to help protect against scratching during fabrication and installation. It is a perfect product to light up our interior decoration work, especially for wall tiles.

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Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel




10x10x10MM/ Customized sizes are availble

Surface finish       Mirror

50 Pcs

OriginPocso/ Tisco/ Lisco/ Jisco/ Bao steel/ H Wang
Patterns None
Surface ColorSilver 
Surface Protective Film

70 Micro Laser PE/Fish head PE/ Black & White PE/PVC

StickerNeutral Sticker
Lead timeDepends on the size of the order. Normally within 5-7 days.

Standard export packing

 Payment Terms T/T

For wall, ceiling, or floor decorative purpose where requires beauty and strength. 

Preshipment inspectionOptional ( SGS / BV / ... )

Available according to the request.

Kindly reminds

Remove the protective film after the installation

Keep the surface with clean water and soft things

Use mild glue to fix it

Top reasons why you choose Goldeco Stainless Steel 

as your Stainless Steel U Channel supplier.

* Guaranteed quality, including surface polishing quality and raw material quality.

* Fabricated by CNC machines which ensure accuracy.

* Fast delivery, including delivery to Foshan or Guangzhou.

* Seaworthy plywood export packing ensures safety all the way.

* Good price with good services, your satisfaction is our top priority.


Stainless steel channel in a wide variety of shapes, widths and wall heights:

Stainless steel channel in a wide variety of shapes, widths and wall heights

Stainless Steel Channel application:

Stainless Steel U Channel for Room Lining 

FAQs for Decorative Stainelss Steel U Channel

Q 1: Why people like this stainless steel tile trim / u channel a lot?

A: This product is perfect for ceramic tiles where people require something to elevator the decorative effect while keep the cost low, high quality with low price, especially good for decoation and engineering compaies.

Q2: Does this product need special skills to install?

A: No special skills needed, just make sure you keep it in the right place between ceramic tiles.

Q3: Before i order, what do you want to know?

A: Well, for an accurate quote, we need to know the stainless steel garde you want to use, sheet thickness, surface finish, inner size of out size, and don't forget to tell us the length.

Q4: Do you accept cut to length service?

A: Of course, customer's satisfaction is our top priority.

Q5: If i have a small order, do you accept small order?

A: Not a problem, your concern is our concern, small quantities are accepted.

Q6: How can you guarantee your product quality?

A: We have to make sure to delivery satisfactory products, nobody wants to do just want to do one time business, we are looking for the long run relationship, and our professional team will make sure that the goods are delivered in good conditon.

Q7: Will you pack the products?

A: Professional people do professional packing, we have different types of packing optional to customers, economic one or better one.

Q8: We got a special product need to make, can you do it as per our drawing?

A: Sure, we would love to solve the problems of our clients, business is easy, just mail us your drawings, we will get back to you soon.

Q9: What kind of payment term you accpet?

A: We accept T/T.

Q10: If this is a small order, will you delivery the goods near you? for example in Guangzhou.

A: Yes, we are born to solve problems of our customers, we will get the goods safely to your agent's warehouse in Guangzhou safely, and get you the pictures.

Q11: If i send SGS for inspection before shipment, will you agree?

A:  Yes, of course, we do think it is the best way to ease your worries, and make following business easier.

Q12: I have a few more questions.

A: Just let us know, you will have our timely response. More FAQs.

Any other types of stainless steel fabrication projects, just send us your drawings, we are ready to offer our products and services.

Colored stainless steel profiles

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